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Superb small evergreen shrub produces a mass of blooms in…MORE

(H055) £13.98 (Pack of 4) Add to basket

Bergenia are more commonly known as Elephants ears duw to…MORE

(P496) £4.49 (Pack of 6) Add to basket

This is the magnificent variety seen throughout southern…MORE

(MX10) £3.99 (Each) Add to basket

This beautiful Buddleia has variegated leaves of green,…MORE

(H025) £1.99 (Each) Add to basket

A collection of three Caryopteris, grown for their attractive…MORE

(P035) £4.99 (Pack of 3) Add to basket

An exclusive mixture of thistle shaped flowers which can…MORE

(P032) £4.99 (Pack of 5) Add to basket

This spectacular shrub has brilliant crimson winter shoots.…MORE

(H013) £2.49 (Each) Add to basket

A vibrant purple leaf Dahlia with bright pink-purple flowers…MORE

(A035) £2.99 (Pack of 3) Add to basket

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