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Indoor Bulbs

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New pure White variety. Excellent forcing variety. MORE

(B522) £5.99 (Pack of 6) Add to basket
(C522) £8.98 (Pack of 12) Add to basket

This giant flowering Amaryllis will produce two to three…MORE

(B547) £9.99 (Each) Add to basket

Velvety dark maroon. Supplied in bulb circumference size…MORE

(B551) £9.99 (Each) Add to basket

Pale pink with deep pink edges. Supplied in bulb circumference…MORE

(B548) £9.99 (Each) Add to basket

A very colourful variety that will bear beaming red and…MORE

(B552) £9.99 (Each) Add to basket

White. Supplied in bulb circumference size 34cm. This giant…MORE

(B553) £9.99 (Each) Add to basket

This variety will produce spectacular and enormous red and…MORE

(B554) £9.99 (Each) Add to basket

A scarlet red variety that will produce two to three stems…MORE

(B549) £9.99 (Each) Add to basket

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